People at: 'First Daughter Suite'

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: You work for a theater company—how much theater would you say you see per month?

A: Per month…probably 10-12 shows per month.

Q: What do you do in the theater world?

A: I’m a Marketing Director.

Q: As a Marketing Director, why is it important to get out and see new things?

A: It’s very important to keep up with my peers and make sure I know what is going on in the landscape of New York City. It is also just a thrilling thing to know that I’m working as part of a larger and more robust community that produces really great work.

Q: What is it like working within the theater world of New York?

A: I think it is a very supportive industry and it is one that encourages exchange and curiosity of ideas and relationships. A rising tide lifts all sails. It’s great to be a part of a really active and important community.