People at: 'Spring Awakening'

 Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: What brings you out to Spring Awakening tonight?

A: (center) We actually have a class, it is called "Current Theater of New York" at Pace. We see six shows throughout the semester and we just got really lucky to see this one. This will be our second.

Q: So you come see these plays. What else do you have to do in the class?

A: (left) We write a paper about certain aspects of the play. This week it is all about the technical elements: staging, lighting, props, costume.

A: (right) People fight to get into the class…

Q: What kind of research do you do before attending a show for this class?

A: (left) We typically look at the theater that it is playing in and the task. Really not too much before the show.

A: (center) Usually each week before the show, someone will do a presentation on it. So, we get to learn a little bit about the background of it.

A: (right) I actually saw it in the 8th grade, but I’m excited to really experience the show now. 


Spring Awakening

Brooks Atkinson Theater

thru January 24th