People at: 'Barbecue'

 Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: What brings the two of you out to this show tonight?

A: (right) I dragged him—he always makes the point that I drag him and my other friends to stuff and then I don’t do awesome things like watch Blood & Oil with them, so we watched Blood & Oil on Sunday—and Robert O’Hara’s work is really, really great. We’ve seen previous plays of his.

Q: Was there anything in particular about this one that made you want to come see it?

A: (right) It is going to be really funny. I promised… and if it is not, it is going to be a really awkward intermission where we pretend we are not friends.

A: (left) O’Hara just has a wit about him…

Q: How often do the two of you go see theater?

A: (left) You see more than I do…

A: (right) We both go a lot…

A: (left) Maybe twice a month. I go in phases. Sometimes I go a lot and sometimes I don’t go for a month.

A: (right) We run a theater company called InVersion Theater and he is my producing partner. We are vested and interested in the theater.

A: (left) But it also means that sometimes we get tired of it and we don’t see it for a month.