People at: 'Barbecue'

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: What made you want to come see ‘Barbecue’ tonight?

A: I heard about it because I work in theater and I know a lot of the talented folks who are on stage and who created the piece. I wanted to come and support and see the work they are doing and laugh. I am here to laugh, support and have a good time.

Q: Do you work in this theater or a different one?

A: I work at the National Black Theater as the Artistic Director.

Q: Since you work in the industry, how often would you say you come out and see a show that you aren’t involved with?

A: My season hasn’t officially started as far as production so I’ve been seeing like three shows a week. I’m trying to see as many shows as possible before my season actually starts in production. Once I get into that rabbit hole… I’m just trying to do as much as I can now. It’s important. Theater is communal, it is about community, sharing and being in partnership with one another. In order to create a space of love and reflection. I have to know what is out there, but also it is important for me to be fed in that way as well.