Photo by Olivia Beteta

Photo by Olivia Beteta

Q: Why are you going to the theater today?

A: (Girl in plaid) Because I've never been to a Broadway play.

A: (Girl to far right) We're just visiting New York and this is one of the things we wanted to do, to go and see a play. This one seemed funny with all the 80's music, it seemed like it'd be a good show. 

Q: Why did you choose to see a play on your visit versus some other New York-themed adventure like a bus tour?

A: (Girl to far right) You can see plays anywhere. We're from Memphis Tennessee, but there's just something about seeing a Broadway play.

A: (Man) We heard about the rush so it's cheap tickets and more affordable. 

Q: Do you guys see theater back home?

A: (Man) We actually have tickets to see The Lion King in February. They're going to be touring so we're going to check that out. We're pretty excited!