So, how does this thing work?

The Program section of our OPPs Guide is arranged a few different ways, for your convenience: by Borough, Free or Fee, and by the focus of the program: Behind the Scenes or Performing

We've split things up into these so that you can find programs based on your specific interests, preferred location, and financial needs.


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FREE Programs


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paid Internships



UNpaid Internships


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Why should you do a program at a theatre organization?


  • You can develop relationships with cool organizations doing exciting work in the city!

  • Programs are usually run by accomplished and enthusiastic teachers and mentors with lots of useful experience to impart.

  • You will meet other cool people with similar interests! You may find future collaborators or even life-long friends.


  • Some programs cost money. Which sucks. But the theatre organizations are not doing this out of spite--many organizations are strapped for resources and don't have a choice. In many cases, scholarships are available for programs, and sometimes your school may offer financial support as well.