Thinking about an internship?

SEEN has you covered. 


So, how does this thing work?

The internship section of our OPPs Guide is arranged a few different ways, for your convenience: department and location.  

First up, by department. 

Theaters often offer internships in different departments, which allows interns to focus in on specific interests. So think about which specific department and area of focus are you interested in working as an intern.

We've split things up into 6 main categories (of departments) so that you can find an internship based on your specific interests. If you want more info, before you get started check out our OPPs User Guide to see how we've arranged this list.


Next up, is by location. 

Here we break it down into a few boroughs. 

So... what are we doing here?

SEEN is a student-driven resource for anyone excited about the arts. Here at SEEN we believe in making theatre more inclusive and accessible (in all the ways that word means). Internships are a great way to get a foot in the door and understand how theatre works. 

When we looked around for a comprehensive list of ALL the internship opportunities just for students and early-career folks at theatre organizations in NYC, we couldn't find as much as we wanted. We think you ought to be able to have a sense of all your options as well as clear tips on how to go about applying.

The SEEN OPPs list is ever growing and we appreciate any and all feedback. If you have something to share, fill out the form below. 

Why should you do an internship at a theatre organization?


  • Unique practical experience! By actually working at a theatre organization you will see what it takes to make it all happen. This is the kind of knowledge that you won't be able to get in the classroom alone.

  • Networking! We can guarantee you that knowing people in the field will give you a huge upper hand when applying to jobs. 


  • Most internships are unpaid. Which sucks. But the theatre organizations are not doing this out of spite--many organizations are strapped for resources and don't have a choice. Most unpaid internships do come with alternate perks: a travel stipend, college credit, tickets to shows at that organization, and/or tickets to other shows around NYC. If you're a student, your college or university may provide scholarships or grants for students working at unpaid internships. You can also look exclusively for part-time internships so that you can find paid work to fill the rest of your time. 

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