Bluelaces Theater Company


About the Organization
Bluelaces creates highly interactive, sensory-based theatrical experiences for people of all ages living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental differences. Bluelaces believes that all individuals, regardless of ability status, should have the opportunity to experience the magic of theater in a lively and welcoming environment. We strive to create programming that is both artistically and economically accessible. Our productions offer individuals with developmental differences and their caregivers the ability to experience theater together, free from behavioral expectations. We challenge the limitations of theatrical convention to create immersive, multi-sensory adventures. In addition to our productions, we collaborate with schools and community organizations to offer educational drama programming.


2350 Broadway 711A

New York New York 10024


About the Program
Interested in sharing your time and talents with us? An internship with Bluelaces is an opportunity to gain familiarity, work experience, and fellowship in the arts, education, or accessibility fields. College credit is available by request. We're looking for interested applicants in all fields.

Which departments?
Artistic/Directing, Development, Education, Marketing, Production

Yes! Bluelaces selects all of its performance venues with accessibility in mind, and since the program is flexible, we can work with each individual to guarantee their needs are accommodated.

College students

Unpaid; college credit

When it runs?
Ongoing, flexible schedule


When to apply?

How to apply?
When the company has capacity, applications for interns will be open and available at

Allison Finder, Education Director-



Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @BluelacesTC