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Abingdon Theatre Company is dedicated to developing and producing brave, new American work by emerging and established artists.

The company provides a safe home where playwrights, directors and actors can collaborate within a supportive and nurturing environment. We search for stories about the human experience that reflect our social, political, historical and cultural diversity. We are acutely aware of the theatre’s power to unite disparate population groups through stories about common human interests, and we strive to shed light on a variety of perspectives.


In January 1993, a group of five professional theatre artists eager for ongoing collaboration and greater control over their creative lives gathered in a brownstone near New York City’s Abingdon Square Park for a series of bi-weekly readings of new plays. After a few months of informal meetings, enthusiasm swelled and the artists pooled their theatrical experience to establish an open-door home where they could collaborate, invite their colleagues to join the process, and develop new plays. Twenty-two years later, Abingdon has collaborated with more than 200 playwrights, produced 85 New York and World Premiere plays, presented more than 700 readings, staged 175 ten-minute plays, and commissioned 6 one-act plays.

101 East 15th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10003


About the Program

Carolyn Halpert Artist-in-Residence Program:

In Abingdon Theatre Company’s ongoing mission to nurture new work, every season, two artists are selected for a year-long residency with Abingdon. Each artist receives free rehearsal and office space, supplies, access to printing, mentorship, and a modest stipend to work on their craft.


College, Graduate, Early-career


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