The Actors Company Theatre (TACT)



About the Organization
TACT is a company of theatre artists that reveals, reclaims, and reimagines great plays of literary merit, creating an intimate theatre experience for its audience by focusing on the text and the actor’s ability to bring it to life. TACT’s company of actors was drawn together in 1992 by a love of the literature of the theatre. Over the past 23 seasons and 150+ productions, TACT has grown to become a true ensemble: a group that has developed a common vocabulary and a technique based on an shared artistic vision and collective body of work. TACT’s company of professional theatre artists are veterans of the stage, film, and television whose cumulative experience includes scores of Broadway shows, hundreds of Off-Broadway plays, over a thousand regional theatre productions, and many films and television shows. These artists are committed to TACT because of the artistic opportunities offered: creative challenges, professional growth, and the chance to work on great plays that deserve to be seen more often in New York City.

900 Broadway, Suite 905
New York, NY 10003
(at E. 20th St.)


About the Program
With its Apprenticeship Program, TACT invests in the next generation of theatre professionals, welcoming them into the company’s artistic home and providing working experience and mentors to motivate, train, and inspire. Apprentices work hand in hand with TACT’s small staff and witness all aspects of the company’s programming throughout their term. They also will be paired with a mentor from TACT’s repertory company of theatre artists to establish a network in the industry. As a fully participatory component of TACT’s company, they will gain insight into the inner workings of the New York theatre industry and a sense of theatrical history, while becoming exposed to great works of literature interpreted by skilled artists. Each semester is accompanied by a weekly lecture series of guest speakers across all disciplines in the industry. Apprentices are extended invitations to performances and other insider industry events, and receive complimentary tickets to TACT productions.

Which departments?
"All apprenticeships at TACT are customized to give a focus to each individual’s field of interest, such as general management, development, marketing, outreach, and literary management, in addition to general daily functions and production duties."

Yes (Accessible bathroom located on different floor than TACT office)

College, Graduate, Early-career

Unpaid; college credit

When it runs?
Fall (September-December), Spring (January-May), Summer (June-August)
10-15 hrs/week


When to apply?
Submissions accepted on a rolling basis. Please specify which semester you are applying for (Fall, Spring, Summer), when submitting.

How to apply?
Either email resume and cover letter or submit online application form
See here for full details.

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