So, you want to know how PXP searches out the best deals available to you.
We have it all here, the ins the outs and the in-betweens.

You can break it all down into two categories: tickets you buy in advance of when you want to go and tickets you buy the day-of the show.

Click any of the links below to find out about each type of ticket you can buy in advance.

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1. Student Tickets - have a valid ID and you can buy

These tickets are available for those with a valid ID, check the show’s website to see how you can get access to these tickets. Here are some theatres that usually have student discounts.

Public Theater - Public Theater Tickets. $25-$30.

Playwrights Horizons $10 membership fee, but $10 per show after.

2. Under-XX discounts - be under XX age and you can buy

Available for those with a valid ID, and check the show/theatre’s website for all the info on the program (some require you to join). Here a few theatre’s that have an under-XX discounts:

MTC Theatre’s 30under30 - Join the program for free and get access to a pair of $30 tickets, as long as you are under 30.

Roundabout Theatre’s HIPTIX - Join the program for free and get access to $20-$25 tickets to all Roundabout shows, as well as a free TimeOut NY subscriptions and invitations to other events and discounts.

Lincoln Center’s LincTix - Join online for free and get access to $32 tickets to all LCT shows.

Primary Stages’ PS35 - Available to anyone under 35 years old, $20 tickets available online using the code PS35.

Second Stage’s 30 under 30 - $30 tickets available to purchase in advance for anyone under 30.

MCC Theatre $30 under 30. - $30 tickets available to anyone under 30, and you don’t have to join. ID required.

Rattlestick Theatre’s Under 30 - A discount available to anyone under 30, price changes depending on show.

Irish Repertory Theatre’s Greenseats - A free membership program for anyone under 35 that gives online access to $20 tickets.

Theatre for a New Audience’s New Deal tickets - $20 tickets available for anyone under 30, just use the code NEWDEAL but you have to have a valid ID when you pick up the tickets.

Playwrights Horizon’s 30 & Under membership - $20 annual fee gives you access to $20 tickets for a show, if you are under 30.

3. Coupon Programs - get access coupon codes

These sites provide coupon codes that can be used to purchase discounted tickets online, over the phone, or at a theatre's box office. *Pro Tip: When using coupon codes, the best bargain is always at the theatre's box office. When purchasing tickets either online or over the phone, service charges usually apply.

Broadway Box - collects discount codes for Broadway and Off Broadway shows. They have a lot of shows with discounts of 20-50% off that you can purchase in advance and day-of.

SchoolTix - has access for individuals and groups to discount codes for Broadway, Off Broadway, museums and dance performances. You can purchase in advance for a discount.

NYtix - has access to discount codes for Broadway and TV shows. You can purchase in advance and the have great charts with all the shows/discounts listed.

4. Membership Programs - sign-up to get access to deals

You gotta sign up, but it’s worth the hassle. The rewards are amazing.

High5 - A free membership program that gives junior-high and high-school students access to $5 tickets to theatre, dance, music and spoken-word events. Valid school ID required, but you can purchase an additional $5 ticket for a guest.

TDF Membership - TDF membership one might call an insider club and has some of the best discounts available in NYC. The discounts are only available to those who are members and to be a member you have to be eligible. As a person under the age of 26, you are eligible to join TDF membership. There is a process, so you have to go through that before you can join. And they don’t have every show, but they have a lot. So, join for $30 a year and get access to a mountain of discounts.

Tix4Students - Tix4students is a membership program for college-enrolled students (undergrad or graduate). Join for $5 and get discount codes to live events (theatre, dance, music, etc.). Theatre shows range from about $25-$50.

Goldstar - This membership programs gives you access to deals on Broadway, Off-Broadway, stand-up comedy shows, music concerts, and sporting events. They actually have some free comp tickets available.

PlaybillClub - This is a membership program that gives you access to discount codes. Join and sign up for an email newsletter with codes and special offers.

5. Volunteer Ushering - work for your ticket.

Some theatres will let you work for your ticket, well volunteer. You show up early and usher and they let you sit in and watch the show for free. A great deal for those looking for a free ticket. Here are some theatre’s that offer the deal:

The American Airlines Theater (Broadway)
STUDIO 54 (Broadway) - Sign-up on Saturdays between 5:00 and 6:00 pm
Astor Place Theater (Blue Man Group)
Cherry Lane Theatre
City Center
Irish Repertory Theater
The Joyce Theater (Dance Concerts)
Laura Pells Theatre
Lucille Lortel Theater
New York Theatre Workshop E-mail:
Playwrights Horizons
Second State Theatre
Signature Theatre Company
York Theatre Company

6. TDF’s off-Off @ 9 - off-Off Broadway for $9

If you want to see an off-Off Broadway show, there is no better deal than OO@9. $9 for TDF members (link to that membership pages) or $10 for the public.

Keep scrolling to find out where all the last minute deals are at.

TDF Membership -  Hands down the best deal. But, you have to do a little work for it and you have to be patient because TDF does not have everything.

TDF’s Off-Off @ 9 – If you want to see an off-Off Broadway show, there is no better deal
than OO@9. $9 for TDF members or $10 for the public.

TKTS – Those red steps in Time Square are home to more than tourist selfies. Under those steps are a discount ticket booth called TKTS, which sells day-of tickets for Broadway and Off Broadway shows at usually a 50% discount, but it can range from 30-50% off.

Rush Tickets are day-of tickets that you can purchase through the box office of the theatre where the show is play. These could be a lottery, for students only, for those under a certain age or open to the public.  

So, where can you find out if a show has RUSH tickets?

For a Broadway or Off Broadway show, check out Playbill's lists (Bway / Off Bway) or Broadway World’s Bway listing.

StudentRush.ORG – join the site for free and get access to their list of rush policies for theatre, music, dance and more.

*Pro Tip:You can go to the show's website and see if it is listed, often it is
in a section with more info on ticket policies.

 Here's a breakdown of the different ways RUSH works:

General Rush: tickets available for anyone at the box office for day-of performances,
usually when the box office opens, check a shows website for more info.

Student Rush: tickets available, for those with a valid student ID, at the box office for day-of performances, usually when the box office opens.

Lottery Rush: generally beginning two-and-a-half hours before every performance, patrons are invited to enter a lottery. Winners are drawn two hours before each performance,and can purchase discounted tickets.

Under XX Rush: tickets available, for those with a valid ID stating they are under XX age, at the box office for day-of performances, usually when the box office opens.

Standing Room Only: tickets available for day-of performances of sold-out shows for
a designated standing area at the back of the house.

If you have any questions about finding tickets or getting to the theatre, feel free to email us, 
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