Beers & Cheers

Can’t decide whether to go out for a drink or out for a show?
Now you don’t have to! (Some shows are 21+)


Everyone has some drama in their life. Now it's on stage. 


A quest! A journey! A story that’s full of back-to-back excitement!


A show highlighting the strength of underrepresented groups. 
(LGBTQ+, Awesome Ladies, Latinx, Black, Differently Abled, and more)

A Different Time

Blast from the past or fast forward to the future! Styled and placed in another era.  
(Victorian times, the future, 1930’s, ancient Rome, etc.)


In a faraway land…
a galaxy, a kingdom, a hut, an enchanted forest, or somewhere else


These shows will make you want to feel all the feels and do all the things.

Give me the Creeps

For those who love when things get bloody, jumpy and spooky.


If it makes ya chuckle, giggle, guffaw, snicker, tee-hee, chortle, or twitter. 


Anything to do with the LGBTQ+ community and culture


Big lights, big sets, big colors, big music - glitter on steroids!

Tear Jerker

Sometimes you just need a good cry...


Will he tell her how he feels?! Will they find each other?! THEY BELONG TOGETHER!!!!
Mushy gushy lovey dovey stuff 


Costumes and content may get a little risque ;)



Generally you sit at tables with drinks and/or food to enjoy a show or number of short performances


Lots of different shows, usually with only a few performances, in the same space or spaces, sometimes with an overall theme.