Miranda #OFFSCENE: Where do YOU put your hands at the theatre?

WHAT TO DO WITH your hands at the Theatre

Sponsored by the NSHT (National Society of Hands at Theatre): a guide for where to place your hands while watching a show. BECAUSE THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT.

a singular polite clasp.JPG

1. Polite Hand Clasp

Good for: pretending you’ve got class, staying in your bubble or if you gotta hold in the runs

Bad for: the rebellious and revolutionary

Fist Your Pocket.JPG

2. Casual Pocket Fisting

Good for: keeping your hands warm, hiding your palm sweat from any surrounding people and keeping yourself from fidgeting

Bad for: any pair of hands that suffer from severe claustrophobia

electric chair.JPG

3. Electric Chair

Good for: hogging the arm rests, fixing your scoliosis and looking pristine af

Bad for: slouchers, if you chill too hard or if you’re looking for a casual entertainment experience

a frozen robot.JPG

4. The Giving Tree

Good for: awkward people who have strong-ass arms that can hold this position for more than an hour

Bad for: anyone who would rather rest their damn muscles

Feel Ya Face.JPG

5. Cheek Cozy

Good for: anyone with a heavy head

Bad for: hands that refuse to touch faces, people with rough cheeks or pointy chins

Straight Arm.JPG

6. The Log

Good for: Abraham Lincoln enthusiasts

Bad for: if you’re a Barbie or a T. rex

Sit on Me Hands.JPG

7. Sit on me hands

Good for: people with cold hands, cushy ass skin or bony butts

Bad for: people who hate when their hands fall asleep

Double Chinne.JPG

8. Double Chinned

Good for: the back row of the audience or activation of full-on relax mode

Bad for: the front row or any other row that has people behind you, so like the whole theatre… just stick to the back, okay?

Into The ACtion.JPG

9. Into The Action

Good for: dramatic shows with lots of intense shouting matches or praying the intermission will come sooner so you can get snaxx

Bad for: any type of comedy or if you’re an atheist



Good for: if you want to remember what it was like in the womb

Bad for: if you are a cardboard cutout

permanent state of Shock.JPG

11. ‘O’ Face

Good for: if you happen to be shocked but also need a stretch

Bad for: if nothing phases you and you hate stretching

getting cozy.JPG

12. Lean Wit It

Good for: if you’re familiar with the 2001 hit single by Dem Franchize Boyz: "Lean wit It, Rock wit It"

Bad for: if you were born after 2008, because you probably don’t even know what that song is

mac 2.JPG

13. Do The Macarena

Good for: getting people riled up, getting to know your neighbors and causing a spontaneous flash mob

Bad for: those who don’t know the Macarena

OverHype **.JPG

14. OverHype

Good for: making a SCENE, causing an uproar or starting a wave

Bad for: people who have never been on a roller coaster ‘cuz ya know, you’re not familiar with the haha arm situation…ha-ha


15. Frog Legs

Good for: those who enjoy imagining sitting on a lily pad on a pond in Florida

Bad for: anyone above the age of 65


16. Nursin’

Good for: baby lovers

Bad for: people lacking any maternal bones in their bodies

Lean Wit Me.JPG

17. OverConfidently Comfortable

Good for: An empty aisle, wanting to push people’s buttons, exercising your love of not giving a single f**k

Bad for: if you don’t want to bring sexy back


put yo hands however and wherever you want!