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POST: 'Gigantic' - embrace what you have!

Gigantic is about Robert, who is sent to "fat camp" by his parents and his guidance counselor. I thought to myself "is there really a fat camp, why?" Robert is obese and in his high school, the music teacher bought him this enormous drum set so he could play it at the talent show. But when he was finished, the bleachers collapsed! Everyone laughed at him and they recorded it and put it on YouTube. Which is so mean!

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POST: Brooklynite. There was a heroine instead of a hero.

Brooklynite was quite the show. I lost count of how many songs were sung! I felt that each song dealt with a different part of Brooklyn and within two hours, I think I learned all Brooklyn had to offer with its awesome neighborhoods.

With this show, I was nervous that my friend would not enjoy, but she did. We agreed that (1) the R&B part was AMAZING (2) the guy was cute, but the guy on the cover of the pamphlet was really cute too.

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