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POST: 'Fun Home' Parenting is the most difficult job on the planet

In Fun Home, Alison did not have the ideal parent-child relationship with her father. The reason for this dysfunctional relationship was by no means one of the conventional reasons that I previously mentioned. While her father may have cared about her, any parent whose most notable characteristics are his sternness, secrecy, and withdrawn personality would naturally create a shaky relationship. 

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POST: 'Permission' Wear the pants, like a man should

Two couples are introduced, both couples are shown to be very religious. One of the couples hosts the other for dinner at their house. Zach, one of the hosts, demands that his wife, Michelle, meet him in the kitchen after an awkward and heated discussion with the other couple at the house. The other couple, Eric and Cynthia, notice that Zach and Michelle have been gone for awhile when they hear noises coming from the kitchen.

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POST: 'Hamilton' Sitting through this history lesson was pretty cool.

Hamilton and the American Revolution boys were "spitting bars" as my fellow city kids would say. I was in shock how they pulled it off. I appreciate good rap and I think Hamilton delivered. Being that good rap and express train rides on my way home have to be tied for first on the list of things that I enjoy while living in the city, this show is definitely a new favorite of mine.  

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POST: Fashions for Men. Can one trust too much?

Can someone trust others too much?

When is it right to abandon one’s philosophy to protect one's self?

In a competitive, dog eat dog society, true compassion and trust is something rare. There are way too many people who are critical of those around them with a "trust no one” mentality that forces compassion to take the back seat. In Fashions for Men, Peter (a shop owner) could see the good in people. However, this backfires on him as the people closest to him take advantage of him and his kindness, which causes his shop to face bankruptcy. 

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POST: John and Jen. I realized that all those fights were stupid.

Growing up with a sibling is an experience like none other. That experience entails a combination of fights and good times, times where you try your best not to inflict any bodily harm on each other and times where you can just laugh for hours. Overall, it's pretty cool. 

John and Jen tried to encapsulate this experience, while showing the effect that growing up has on the relationship between siblings. 

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POST: The Bullpen. 1 man. 18 characters. 65 min. No intermission. What?

I entered the theater not expecting much and I walked out in absolute amazement. I was in disbelief as I tried to wrap my head around the performance I saw. One man. 18 characters. 65 minutes with no intermission. What?

While watching The Bullpen I had questions that arose in my mind that I would have loved to ask the only actor in the show, Joe Assadourian. 

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POST: Between Riverside and Crazy. Pride often gets in the way.

Integrity, honor, and confidence are all great attributes for one to possess.
It means a lot for someone to stick to their guns and act based on firmly rooted feelings and beliefs. However without moderation, it is easy for those feelings and beliefs to cloud judgment and prevent one from choosing what is best. Pride often gets in the way.

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POST: Newsical the Musical. What's it like to introduce a friend to theatre?

Even though I feel that it is important to be up to date with current events, I despise modern media. So, a show mocking today's media seemed like a great time. It seemed like such a great time that I decided to take a friend with me, a friend who has never seen a musical. Since she is not much of a theatergoer, I felt that it was my duty to introduce her to the marvelous theater world with a (hopefully) funny, cool musical that she would enjoy. The pressure was on. Below are my thoughts, arranged in chronological order, about that day. 

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