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Post: Naked Boys Singing. Why is watching naked boys so... weird?

I find such irony in that there is fun and mystery in guessing how someone looks under their clothes, yet when the guesswork is removed I find myself shrouded in discomfort.  I continuously tell myself if I look at their abs I won’t have to look at their penises and I can avoid the seductive gaze of the stage actors’ eyes...

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POST: Newsical the Musical. What's it like to introduce a friend to theatre?

Even though I feel that it is important to be up to date with current events, I despise modern media. So, a show mocking today's media seemed like a great time. It seemed like such a great time that I decided to take a friend with me, a friend who has never seen a musical. Since she is not much of a theatergoer, I felt that it was my duty to introduce her to the marvelous theater world with a (hopefully) funny, cool musical that she would enjoy. The pressure was on. Below are my thoughts, arranged in chronological order, about that day. 

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