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POST: 'Southern Comfort' - people actually treat others like this

The lead character, Robert, was transgender and the only remaining female part of him was his ovaries, which eventually are the cause of the cancer that is taking his life. That right there is such terribly dark irony, the one remaining part of what you wanted to change about yourself ends up being the thing that kills you. And because of the nature and intensity of the cancer and who he is - doctors did not want to treat him. So, he was forced to face the inevitability of his death.

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POST: 'Hungry' - the family discussed this year's presidential election

While they were still cooking the family discussed this year’s presidential election and that’s when things got serious. They talked about how lovely it would be if Hillary were to become president. They wanted to live in a lifetime where they would witness a female president. I thought about it and, yeah, I would love to see that happen too.

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POST: 'Before Your Very Eyes' - fill you with determination

There is something incredibly enticing about watching people grow before you.

Seven children are presented to the audience. These children are introduced as wide-eyed and innocent, very naturally they begin to grow but it's told through the motions of everyday life. They start off as interesting children, become rebellious teenagers, mediocre adults, and finally wise elders.

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POST: 'Barbecue' - caught up in lies

Barbecue is an intervention set in a park to help Barbara, who is a drug addict. As her family surrounds her, in their own messed up way, Barbara is forced to make a choice and go to rehab. After coming from rehab we see the life of Barbara in a different light, through her memoir. As the play escalates, we are opened to the lies that are within the memoir; and as the family is being pulled into it, everything is not as we see.

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POST: 'Barbecue' - an intervention in a park?

The show began with a Caucasian family on the scene. Zippity Boom's brother (James T.) was in a park on the phone with his sister (Lillie Anne) arguing about how much having a barbecue-styled intervention in this park for Zippity was such a bad idea. From that very first scene I was lost. I was looking at the set wondering - why are they having an intervention in a park? Why can’t they do this in therapy or in the privacy of a family members home?

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POST: 'Hamilton' Sitting through this history lesson was pretty cool.

Hamilton and the American Revolution boys were "spitting bars" as my fellow city kids would say. I was in shock how they pulled it off. I appreciate good rap and I think Hamilton delivered. Being that good rap and express train rides on my way home have to be tied for first on the list of things that I enjoy while living in the city, this show is definitely a new favorite of mine.  

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