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POST: 'Wolf In The River' - the point of no return

I entered The Flea Theater and I was thinking "Oh, we walked in on their last group exercise." WRONG! A group was doing like a spiritual circle, performing a chant of some sort. Right when took my seat I felt that this was the point of no return, that I had left the city of New York and stumbled into the darkness that lies between other parts of the world.

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POST: 'Take Care' - I am my mother's daughter

I have over five minutes to contemplate my fifth cue, but I am no more comforted by the time 15:25 rolls around. A table covered in mallets and dark skinned baby dolls is rolled on to center stage. From my start time until 16:05 I smash the baby dolls with one of the mallets, my face contorted into a horrified cringe. One of the doll's heads is knocked off, but I keep smashing, reluctantly, before I complete my action and retake my seat.    

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POST: 'Take Care' - walked into the theatre alone, walked out knowing someone

There was a scene where one of the black actors died. And there came a three-person monster screeching and gasping with lights on its head. And I couldn't help but to tear. The creature was inconsolable. It was gasping for breath after nights of mourning. Gasping for breath because like Eric Garner we couldn't breathe. I could barely breathe watching the sorrows of the bloodshed of my people. And when they screamed. It was a cry so desperate and so familiar. A cry I once cried last week. A cry of nothing's going to change. A cry of why is the world this way? But there was lights on them. And where there is light there is hope.

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POST: 'Fulfillment' - the people who surround you

The show started with a spotlight on the main character. I almost got up and screamed “HEY, YOU’RE THE GUY FROM MY FAVORITE SHOW THE FOLLOWING (Gbenga Akinnagbe)” but I didn’t because my parents taught me better and I can’t act like I lost my mind in the theatre. It was a good surprise. I used to watch The Following on Fox religiously until it got cancelled. 

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POST: 'The Duchamp Syndrome' Perhaps the happy ending was the one he never got.

There were coffee cups stacked into pyramids, jars filled with what looked like real dollar bills, TVs, and a desk so cluttered that it reminded me of home. But the weirdest thing by far was a man dressed in blackness from head to toe (even his face was covered). He was standing in the corner and holding a puppet of a creepy old man. The puppet was fishing in a water cooler that was clearly labeled a no fishing zone. 

For over twenty minutes we waited.

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