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POST: 'Small Mouth Sounds' - "you came here to listen to yourself"

So this teacher is funny, always rambling on, half the time being irrelevant or unprepared. And it's like I'm not teaching cus I'm perfect I'm just as fucked up as you. "You didn't come here to listen to me give speeches instead you came to listen to yourself. Your true self. Not your habits. Not who you are with electronics, alcohol or sex but what your darkest fears are etc..."

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POST: Small Mouth Sounds. You will never be alone.

Things I wish I was told before the show:

1. You will see a penis for the first time.
2. There are no assigned seats so you will probably end up in a bad angled corner-- get there early.
3. The show starts off slow but believe me, it speeds up.
4. The show is mostly in silence.
5. The mysterious voice is a person and not just a recording, not important, but nice to know. 

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