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POST: 'Avenue Q' Wait! I’ve wanted to see that for a long time...

So I went with my friend Arianna to watch Avenue Q. When I looked it up online, I saw Muppets in the picture and that rung some bells in my head. I told my friend “the play we are going to see has Muppets,” and she responded “Wait! Like Avenue Q!? I’ve wanted to see that for a long time but my mom told me I was too young years ago.” So that started our excited journey to go see Avenue Q.

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POST: '39 Steps' I don't mean clowns, I mean really funny guys

Right when we walked through the doors, a man greeted us and asked if we had our noses. We said no and he ran to get us some. He came back really quickly and said "these are because something funny is happening in NYC. And if you post a selfie with them on use the #nosie. That's what we are calling them." Ryan and I laughed and said thank you. I was so happy to get a clown nose. They just gave them out! 

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POST: 'Dinner with the Boys' It was a big zucchini

We sit down and see a kitchen as well as the outside of a house with a garden. Being that we were late, every time the main characters mentioned Leo and looked toward the garden, I was very confused. Until they finally stated outright that they were mobsters punished by one of the mob heads for not executing Leo. So, now I know Leo is a person and he was still alive.

Then they mentioned how the mob leader ate Leo’s heart and was coming back during the last supper to continue eating it. So, now I realize that Leo is dead... but, what does he have to do with the garden?

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POST: Application Pending. Everyone was her and she was everyone.

When the play started I was surprised that there was only one actress, Christina Bianco. I knew that it was supposed to be a one-woman show but I still thought that there had to be someone… anyone else but no it was all her the whole time. When she first went into a conversation with another character (aka herself) I was like “no way can I watch this for 75 minutes.” As the time went on, I got into it being a one-woman army. I thought that there were over ten characters, but the website states over forty, so... maybe my mind just couldn't keep up!!! 

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POST: C.O.A.L. What comes from telling the truth vs. a lie?

“If no one believes you when you tell the truth but they will believe a lie, does the truth really matter much?” This got me thinking... isn’t that true? When you make up a lie it is usually to spare someone's feelings so you paint a pretty version, more like what they would want to hear. Yet if you were to tell the truth, they would be hurt or angry or offended. What is the win that can come from telling a truth vs. a lie? 

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