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POST: 'Friend Art' - art changes their lives forever

Now, I have this bad habit of finding a character I like and ignoring the other characters. It’s terrible. I know, but I can’t help it. In this show, I easily found that character. It was Nate. He had THE LOOK. He wore a variety of band tees, leather jackets, and black ripped jeans. He had a man bun, listened to music on vinyl, and he was the chilliest of chill. Nate not only looked like a character I’d totally be down to hang with, but he also just understood me.

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POST: Between Riverside and Crazy. Pride often gets in the way.

Integrity, honor, and confidence are all great attributes for one to possess.
It means a lot for someone to stick to their guns and act based on firmly rooted feelings and beliefs. However without moderation, it is easy for those feelings and beliefs to cloud judgment and prevent one from choosing what is best. Pride often gets in the way.

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