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POST: 'His Royal Hipness Lord Buckley' - let's spend some love

Whenever I am going to a play, I expect a fairly typical theater - you know, where the audience sits looking at the stage. I don't expect the audience to be set up like they are in a little mini club or restaurant. When I realized my seat was at a cute little table with a little candle on it, I was shocked and excited. Of course, it was a little weird because I was basically sitting at a table with strangers... but it did help me dive into the play.

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POST: 'Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas' - it's all about the love

Every now and then I find myself watching old shows that I used to watch during my childhood, and even singing along to nursery rhymes with my little siblings. These thing are usually a good escape from stressful adult life. Watching, Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas was an escape for me. I just felt like a little kid and I loved it! 

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POST: 'On Your Feet!' - the ultimate power couple

To start off, I am really sorry that I've been living under a rock and I didn't know who Gloria and Emilio Esteban were. I mean, I have heard of their names before but I just thought they were random famous people. Boy did this play make me feel bad about not looking into these people. I didn't even know that I knew songs by them till the song "Conga" started playing. I had heard that song at many block parties while growing up.

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