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POST: 'The Visit' How far would you go for revenge?

Claire Zachinassian (played by Chita Rivera) comes back to visit the town where she grew up. Now, this isn't exactly a happy occasion. Forty years ago, Claire was betrayed by her love, Antone, when he married another woman. There was just one extra tiny problem. Claire was pregnant and was prepared to tell the town the whole truth. So, Antone went to court to make the case that Claire had slept with many other men. Therefore, he couldn't be the father. Jump forward to today and the town is bankrupt. Little does everyone know that this is all Claire's doing. 

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POST 'Wolf Hall Part One' I felt as if I had returned to court...

At first, I was disappointed because the play revolved around Thomas Cromwell rather than King Henry VIII. The reason for my disappointment: I didn't know much about Thomas Cromwell or his importance. However, I came to realize the great influence Thomas Cromwell had on King Henry VIII, as his chief minister. I even started thinking by the end of the play that people haven't put enough attention on Cromwell when telling this story.

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POST: 'Hamlet' Revenge has repercussions.

I was very excited to see Shakespeare's Hamlet come to life. I first read Hamlet in high school and it left a lasting impact on me. Every time I see or read Hamlet, I pay special attention to each character's transition to crazy, because of Hamlet's pursuit of revenge. It just proves to me that revenge is unnecessary and that it leaves more repercussions than positive outcomes.

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POST: Fuerza Bruta WAYRA. A world where just about anything can happen.

Once the show started, I didn't understand why people had their cell phones out and were taking pictures. It's a big no-no to have your phone out in a theatre, let alone to take pictures. I asked one of the staff members running around the show and I found out you could take as many pictures and videos as you wanted. Bonus! Well, as long as you don't use flash. 

Fuerza Bruta had no clear story line but that didn't have any effect on my viewing of the show. I felt like the show brought me into a world of fantasy, where just about anything can happen. 

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