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POST: 'The Robber Bridegroom' - a decent man during the day

The characters recounted the tale in third person. Jamie Lockhart presents himself as a very kind and honest man in front of Clement Musgrove, probably the wealthiest of this town in Mississippi. On the other hand Jamie Lockhart confesses during his musical monologue that he is a robber like no other and sings how he “steals with style,” and I thought really? I wanted to know exactly how.

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POST: 'The Humans' - it is about family, love, struggle and acceptance

As far as titles of plays go, calling a play The Humans is the equivalent of tagging an Instagram post with #life. Take away the imagery, one is left with only their imagination to figure out what such ambiguous and overarching labels mean - which is what I did as I made my way through the zombie-like crowds of Times Square to get to the Laura Pels Theatre.

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POST: 'Significant Other' Single, while everyone is in a relationship...

Jordan is a giant ball of anxiety, and it's hard not to feel bad for him as he agonizes over whether or not his future will be a happy one. He isn't comforted by his friends' promises that he will eventually meet that special someone. He argues that there are certain people, who despite how smart, talented, or interesting they are, go their entire lives without finding romantic love. And who is he to assume that he isn't one of these people? At 29, he has never heard the words "I love you" from somebody other than a family member. 

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