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POST: 'The School for Scandal' - scandal was certainly in the air

The characters were introduced to us by Professor Snake a mischievous scoundrel who did not say much during the play but represented the story in a physical form (hopefully that makes sense). There was a snake on the playbill, I'm speaking about that deeper meaning. All the characters came off as untrustworthy to me, except Charles Surfaced, who’s name was being defiled throughout the whole first half. 

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POST: 'The Changeling' - is love worth the hassle?

The play really made me wonder if love is worth the hassle and the heartbreak. Take for instance the main woman who falls victim to it twice. After each time she succumbs to the feeling, something bad lurks around the corner. And that bad not only negatively affects her but also the men and women around her, and not just mentally but physically as well. Not a single person in the play is left untouched by the poisonous feeling.  

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