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POST: 'I Will Look Forward to This Later' - aging, legacy and love that transcends

What unfolds in the next hour or so is a story that I can’t say I relate to at all – at least not yet. It’s very much about things like aging, legacy, and love that transcends societal bounds, but I don’t think I will even think about all of that until later in life, let alone look forward to it.

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POST: 'New York Animals' - New Yorkers are characters

The New Yorker's themselves were hilarious. To any tourist these characters may come off as, well, as characters. But being a native to the big apple I can vouch that these are real people - especially the weird ones. Three that stuck with me were the stay-at-home mum with a Latin nanny that "no habla Ingles," the Mexican delivery boy (played by a Caucasian actor) and the Park Avenue Princess. 

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POST: Dylan Marron and The Human Symphony.

"This creation process has felt less like a collection of moments and instead just one huge blur of building and experimenting and failing and succeeding. I will say that I loved interviewing my parents. Spending hours at a time with each of them, recording their narration of their relationship and ultimate divorce was such a cool experience. We all reach an age when we realize that our parents are real people, too. While I’ve already had this realization, I got to probe them about a time in their lives when I saw them strictly as my parents." 

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