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POST: 'Hand to God' What did you find?

Q: What did you expect from the show?
A: I expected some high-minded thing. A bunch of ideas that philosophers tell, not down-to-earth —not relatable. Something abstract and not applicable to real life. That’s what I expected. 

Q: So what did you find?
A: What I didn’t expect was to find myself in the show. I thought I would see someone else’s perspective in the show. But I saw myself. 

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POST: Small Mouth Sounds. You will never be alone.

Things I wish I was told before the show:

1. You will see a penis for the first time.
2. There are no assigned seats so you will probably end up in a bad angled corner-- get there early.
3. The show starts off slow but believe me, it speeds up.
4. The show is mostly in silence.
5. The mysterious voice is a person and not just a recording, not important, but nice to know. 

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POST: Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man. Enough said?

Isabelle though.... Oh, poor Isabelle.  
They basically asked her to demonstrate things on the hot lights-guy/scientist of the show, Stefan (who later gave a very very lovely strip tease). She had to caress him and at some point nipple-twist . But yeah--poor Isabelle. Her face was on fire and she looked about ready to faint. 

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POST: BURQ OFF! What are all the things you noticed?

Most Relatable Part of the Show

Fariha: When Nadia talked about her parents, I understood and felt every word she said. My mom can be overbearingly religious to the point it pushes me away from Islam. My dad is more relaxed and wants me to do what I like.

Mahi: When she told her cousin she was English, and her cousin replied that she would never be. Growing up in America, I feel more American than Pakistani myself. But I guess throughout... life I suppose, I am constantly reminded that I could never truly be American. But I don’t think I’ll ever truly be Pakistani either. It’s this terrible middle I’m stuck in, the middle that Nadia was in throughout the entire show.

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POST: Every Brilliant Thing. How powerful can a list be?

3.  This show is about a man who makes a list of "all brilliant things" for his depressed and suicidal mother
8. There is no stage. No props. And some random guy is  handing out obscure pieces of paper
9. It turns out those pieces of paper are things from the list
10. It also turns out that the guy is an actor, the only actor
11. The show is one big interactive monologue
35. Sex
47. But Still
50. #2000: Coffee

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