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POST: LaGuardia High School's 'Les Misérables' - why did I suddenly feel old?

I decided to take my boyfriend (at the time), Andrew, to see Les Misérables at my old high school, because I wanted him to understand the caliber of the performances I had come to know as a student there, both on stage and in the audience. He was aware that I sang and performed, but until he actually saw a LaGuardia production for himself, he couldn't really get it.

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POST: 'Les Miserables' - the entire show is a song

During the battle scenes at the blockade, the set piece was this monstrous blockade that really looked like it was built out of various pieces of wood and furniture. It genuinely looked like they were climbing it and finding footing amongst the overturned chairs, barrels, and other pieces of wreckage. then when the firing began gunshots exploded throughout the theater and the rifles that the actors were using were actually firing blanks and the smell of gunpowder lingered. All of this coupled with the scarce lighting and the flashing of spotlights made me feel an almost real sense of urgency.

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