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POST: 'Boy' - from Sam to Samantha to Adam

The play was about a boy who up until the age of about fifteen was living his life believing he was born a girl. This is because of a tragic accident during his circumcision. That led his parents to a psychologist who was conducting a longitudinal case study on theory of nature verses nurture - focusing on gender identity. The journey of this boy from Sam to Samantha to Adam is remarkable. 

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POST: 'Travels With My Aunt' - step out of the ordinary

In Travels With My Aunt, Henry steps out of his ordinary life and goes on a trip with his aunt Augusta. 🚝 She is a woman who disregards the importance of saving money, sees far from conventional morality, and is very savage-like with her sexual desires. During this journey his aunt pretty much arranged, Henry finds out more about his life than he may have expected.

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