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POST: 'Hand to God' - his puppet, Tyrone, is the Devil incarnate...

His movements alone were hilarious, and he even did a sort of Kermit "YAAAAY" wiggle a lot which brought back plenty of awesome nostalgia for me. One important feature that he did not share with the family-friendly Kermit was that Tyrone cursed. A lot. I'm pretty sure he said every curse that I can think of just in his opening monologue alone. I mean the rest of the cast cursed just as much but I was just expecting it from such a cute little puppet.

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POST: 'Hand to God' What did you find?

Q: What did you expect from the show?
A: I expected some high-minded thing. A bunch of ideas that philosophers tell, not down-to-earth —not relatable. Something abstract and not applicable to real life. That’s what I expected. 

Q: So what did you find?
A: What I didn’t expect was to find myself in the show. I thought I would see someone else’s perspective in the show. But I saw myself. 

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