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POST: 'Fool for Love' - a tug of war

The show immediately opens with an emotional (even a little physical) tug of war. May (Nina Arianda) screams and frantically tells Eddie (Sam Rockwell) to leave, and just as he heads to the door she runs and clutches onto his leg like a child. There was this constant struggle that she tried and failed to hide as she directly contracted her hurtful words with affectionate actions of desperate love. Those passionate fights really set the tone for what this forbidden affair had done emotionally to both people. 

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POST: 'Fool for Love' - the toxic nature of their relationship

My second wave of frustration was a big one. It came as soon as the show started and lasted till it ended. The first scene opens with Eddie, the rugged cowboy: the very embodiment of traditional American machismo, possessing strength and charm, and May, the beautiful Western heroine: strong enough to speak for herself, yet somehow still in need of rescuing by a man.

What frustrated me about Eddie and May was not the passe story line of the damsel in distress, but the toxic nature of their relationship.

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