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POST: 'Spring Awakening' love and death

Set in  late 1800's Germany, Spring Awakening is about three teenagers: A girl named Wendla, the atheist Melchior, and Melchior's best friend, Moritz. Each teenager goes through different experience, but they all question their sexuality and if what they are feeling is okay. A tragic love story, Spring Awakening is about how the young generation will not succumb to the ideology of the older generation! 

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POST: 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona' He goes for the other guy's girl...

Friendship? The two gentlemen, Proteus and Valentines, are best friends and Proteus completely violates the guy code by the second half. He goes for the other gentlemen's girl, Sylvia, and dumps his girlfriend, Julia. Sounds terrible right? It is, but the production made the whole plot so comical that the horribleness of the situation did not come through.

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POST: 'Nirbhaya' I felt an overwhelming sense of duty...

A woman scarred by sexual assaults as a child.  
A woman burned alive by her abusive husband.
A woman assaulted multiple times by her husband facing a terrible dilemma.
A woman raped by multiple family members.
A woman brutally gang raped, sodomized, and assaulted in a New Delhi bus. 

What do all these women have in common?
They are Nirbhaya (Fearless).

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POST: Brooklynite. There was a heroine instead of a hero.

Brooklynite was quite the show. I lost count of how many songs were sung! I felt that each song dealt with a different part of Brooklyn and within two hours, I think I learned all Brooklyn had to offer with its awesome neighborhoods.

With this show, I was nervous that my friend would not enjoy, but she did. We agreed that (1) the R&B part was AMAZING (2) the guy was cute, but the guy on the cover of the pamphlet was really cute too.

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POST: The Events. Art and violence and positive change.

Before the show, Matt (my friend) and I, were talking about art and violence as two forces that create change. In particular, we were talking religion. You might be wondering why we talk about such serious topics and that is because Matt is one of few people who I can openly talk with about my opinions and he will not judge me. So before the show, I was feeling philosophical and ready to explore The Events.

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POST: Winners. Winners?! Yeah, right...

Winners?! More like a show about losers.
Okay, that is a tad harsh, but I'm not sure how I felt about the show.
It's about a messed-up family: unemployed dad, cheating wife, rebellious son, and weird (really weird) daughter.
Like those four, there are four things that made up my experience of the show:

1) The mom was the same actress from my favorite soap opera.
2) There was a cat and dog romance onstage, but it's played out by humans.
3) Do not starve yourself before a show.
4) WARNING: The the sister and brother at the end... 

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