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POST: 'Familiar' - you can't erase your identity

Marvelous has been doing all she can to erase her Zimbabwean identity - by refusing to speak shona (native language), not doing culture celebrations, and not talking about their family history. My mother is far from Marvelous. She is a professional in dragging my sisters and I to events (weddings, barbecues, birthdays, baby showers, etc) associated with people who are from where I am from. All in an attempt to expose me to my fellow "brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins" (they are not really related to me but in my culture we are all related).

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POST: 'Familiar' - I knew I wanted to go home

The father wanted to go back to Zimbabwe and give back to his people. He felt bad he was a middle class man with a great home and has family and friends that were living back in the slums. This made me hit up someone from my old school to see if the senior dues had passed, so I can give back to my high school by paying peoples senior dues. It had passed though. But now I can look for different ways to give back all around me.

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