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POST: 'Iowa' It's been a while...

While, leaving the theater I had an epiphany when it comes to me and musicals. The music has to make sense with the production. You can't just have a show and throw in some music just cause, it has to flow with the story. It has to feel like there was so much passion building up that the only way to express it is through music. When that happens, it makes the musical relatable and keeps me connected to the story. Needless to say, I was feeling all that with Iowa. 

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POST: Let The Right One In. I wanted time to slow down...

When intermission came I looked at Sherri and both our jaws were dangling to the floor, we were completely drawn in by the production. The set was slathered in a blue tint looking just as chilly as the outside world. Over an hour already went by and it seemed as if time was going too fast. For a moment, I wanted time to slow down so I could truly enjoy the beauty of the production. They incorporated lyrical dances, subtle acrobats, and very modern instrumentals to tell the love story between a vampire and a young boy.

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