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POST: 'Othello: the Remix' - act as ignorant as you want

The story was modernized in a way that honestly made the story make more sense to me. Othello was an aspiring rapper, with Iago and Roderigo by his side. Desdemona was a beautiful, soulful singer, who's voice mixed with Othello's style perfectly and made them fall in love. Once Othello was famous, instead of putting Iago or Roderigo to open for his shows, he put a new up and coming artist, Cassio...

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POST: 'A Few Good Men' - if I put myself into the shoes of...

Anyway, the first thing that surprised me when I got to the show was to learned that it actually was a play first. This whole time I thought Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson's "'YOU WANT ANSWERS' 'I WANT THE TRUTH' 'YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH'" thing was the original deal. Now I'm finding out that it was actually this huge show that had a very successful Broadway run. I'm always late to these things.

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POST: 'Phantasmagoria; or Let us Seek Death!' - I couldn't contain myself

The first puppet used was just this giant eyeball that watched Frankenstein in his laboratory, and it was really unsettling, and eventually that became a giant fully fledged face that moved it's mouth and blinked, and that was used in the instances where Victor was "haunted" by his creations presence. Next was their encounter, and that's when he really came to life. 

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POST: 'Fiorello!' - I didn't know we had a mayor named LaGuardia...

I'm going to go ahead and admit my ignorance here - I had no clue who this guy was.

I thought his last name was Fiorello, so when I learned that it was actually LaGuardia, it just raised even more questions. I didn't know that we had a mayor named LaGuardia at some point. I just assumed that the airport was named by some rich dude who helped fund it or something. Now I'm over here learning that it was actually one of our greatest mayors, and that I'm watching a revival of a show from the 1960's... I should really do more research going into these things.

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POST: 'Empathitrax' - it copies your feelings onto them

That's a bit of where the problem with this drug comes in. It doesn't necessarily "show" your emotion to your partner, it just copies your feelings onto them. This could mean that some of the feelings that are built from this might not be genuine. Let's say a girl and I happen to both be taking the drug. I am unsure if I like her that much, but she is really into me. If I touch her, all of a sudden I'm going to be filled with the feeling that I'm in love with this girl just because she feels it.

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