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POST: Mike Birbiglia: 'Thank God for Jokes' - we are all neighbors now

Following this was probably my favorite moment of the show because he addressed a very important issue: people who are always late. I (and Mike, thankfully) can't stand being late, and the fact that a few people I know don't really mind being late really gets under my skin. He said they always try to justify it by saying that they like to be fashionably late, which is pretty much the equivalent of saying you're only stylishly racist. The best part, though, was that as he was going on about all of this... a couple walked in...

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POST: 'Motherstruck' - We both came from struggle.

Yo and she always repped Brooklyn (we go hard, we go hard). I was born and raised in the stuy (Bedford-Stuyvesant) so I know the exact struggle and was the only one clapping and cheering when she proclaimed Brooklyn as the best place in the world. And when she spoke about Jay Z and the Barclay's center, it reminded me of my middle school where Jay Z went. StaceyAnn and I were very similar I think. We both came from struggle. I mean, I’m still in struggle but I’m getting out.

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A (woman on left): My friend texted this morning to go check it out. I didn’t read any reviews, but I did google it. I know it's something about a man and his complex relationship with his dad and he plays the guitar. I watched a promotional video and the music sounded really awesome, so I’m looking forward to that. I’m Korean-American but I really love folk music, so I’m really excited.

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