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POST: 'The Effect' - is it a drug or is it love?

When speaking to Connie about his life, he said things like, “I was fine to be a disappointment. Happy to be an acceptable failure,” and “I wanna be good for you.” His comment about failure and wanting to be good enough for Connie hit home for me. I relate to that defeated nature of accepting the title of being a failure and that growth of wanting to be good enough for someone you love.

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POST: 'The Flick' - So. Many. Extended. Pauses.

The theatre went completely dark and then a projector housed high up on the stage shot out dancing beams of light at the audience. Thanks to the was the set was constructed, audience members at The Flick (the play) were then turned into characters in a film playing at The Flick (the movie theatre). This emulated the projection of film in theatres, but as there was no screen for the light to fall and display images on, it fell on the audience, sweeping us up into some imaginary movie in which the characters watch a play set in an empty theatre hall. 

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POST: Every Brilliant Thing. How powerful can a list be?

3.  This show is about a man who makes a list of "all brilliant things" for his depressed and suicidal mother
8. There is no stage. No props. And some random guy is  handing out obscure pieces of paper
9. It turns out those pieces of paper are things from the list
10. It also turns out that the guy is an actor, the only actor
11. The show is one big interactive monologue
35. Sex
47. But Still
50. #2000: Coffee

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