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POST: 'Barbecue' - caught up in lies

Barbecue is an intervention set in a park to help Barbara, who is a drug addict. As her family surrounds her, in their own messed up way, Barbara is forced to make a choice and go to rehab. After coming from rehab we see the life of Barbara in a different light, through her memoir. As the play escalates, we are opened to the lies that are within the memoir; and as the family is being pulled into it, everything is not as we see.

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POST: 'Barbecue' - an intervention in a park?

The show began with a Caucasian family on the scene. Zippity Boom's brother (James T.) was in a park on the phone with his sister (Lillie Anne) arguing about how much having a barbecue-styled intervention in this park for Zippity was such a bad idea. From that very first scene I was lost. I was looking at the set wondering - why are they having an intervention in a park? Why can’t they do this in therapy or in the privacy of a family members home?

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