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POST: 'God Of Vengeance' - this one kiss led to so much trouble

Rifkele looks like the perfect daughter. She always says and does the right things. Everything about her is ideal. This looks very fishy to me, no one could be this good. Rifkele is Yankl’s little girl, but he has this constant fear that his and his wife’s sins are going to affect Rifkele. Can a parent’s mistakes affect their children in the long run?!

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POST: 'Molasses In January' - Mmmmm I should be studying...

The story centers around a small community in Boston during World War I, 1919. The main character (looking at playbill) Anna is struggling to keep her two kids on the right path and also dealing with her husband, who is constantly out with other women instead of finding a new job. This than leads her to no other choice but to leave her husband and become the mom and dad figure for her children.

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POST: 'Underground Railroad Game' - I was in middle school all over again, and my teachers were crazy

As class started, the teachers were teaching the class on how to play the underground railroad game. The game is simple. Here are details, each student is assigned to be a Confederate soldier or a Union soldier. With the luck I'm having today, of course, I was a Confederate soldier (I was not happy about this). The task for the Confederate soldiers is to catch slaves that are running away, for every slave one catches the more points the team gets... what???!! 

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