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POST: 'The Wildness' - you are not alone

And then the story commenced, a story of a usually bearded heiress named Ada and her companion, Zira (usually not visibly pregnant), and their attempt to save a village full of people from extinction. 

The action was frequently broken up by songs and to my delight, more overshares, another audience member admitting how terrified he was to become a father in a few months. 

"You are not alone," we chanted out. 

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POST: Small Mouth Sounds. You will never be alone.

Things I wish I was told before the show:

1. You will see a penis for the first time.
2. There are no assigned seats so you will probably end up in a bad angled corner-- get there early.
3. The show starts off slow but believe me, it speeds up.
4. The show is mostly in silence.
5. The mysterious voice is a person and not just a recording, not important, but nice to know. 

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