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POST: 'American Psycho' - what being a serial killer is like

That’s something that really caught me off guard - the dancing. THE FREAKIN' DANCING! I don’t actually know if everyone was a dancer, but since this is broadway I wouldn’t doubt that these were the best. I didn’t ever think much of choreography in general since I don’t see many musicals, but I was so into that 80’s techno pop. I don’t think I looked away from the stage and the dancing until it was intermission.

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POST: 'American Psycho' - blood, murder, cocaine and tons of cursing

I couldn't have been more excited to see this show. I mean that literally too, I could not be more excited. American Psycho is one of my all time favorite movies and books, and I've seen it so many times that I can practically quote the entire thing. So, now you're telling me that I can see the whole thing unfold right in front of me? How am I not supposed to freak out in pure excitement. 

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