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POST: Murrow High School's 'A View from the Bridge'

The actors were definitely talented, but I somehow was never able to forget that they were kids. The talent level might have been higher at Murrow than at the average high school, but there was a certain innocence, a certain "rough-around-the-edges" quality to the production that screamed "high school." And I didn't mind it. In fact, I found it charming. 

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POST: 'A View From The Bridge' - Eddie Carbone drives you through his delusion

This didn’t change the way I felt about Eddie though, he clearly demonstrated feelings for Catherine as a woman more so than a daughter. I was pitiless for him; I simply disqualified his sentiments for someone who he had watched grow. At the same time instead of confronting and correcting himself, he had created an entire different story in which he would become triumphant and have the rest would be at his feet. I wondered how that would work out for him.

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POST: 'A View From The Bridge' - a man's life slowly falls apart

 It's really difficult to think of how to describe this man's story. The only thing I seemed to settle on was that life was outgrowing him. As a blue collar man, he had always had this priority to provide and protect his family, that being his niece and wife. In a book I had been reading recently there was a passage that immediately made me think of Eddie, "Mistakes are when we get tricked into realizing something we were never meant to realize, which is why stories are about mistakes." Unfortunately for Eddie that mistake involved an incestuous obsession with his 17 year old niece.

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