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POST: 'Ross and Rachel' - one fucked up relationship

Molly Vever’s enters the stage, walking around the pool, and I quickly learn what the synopsis meant by duologue. She would be playing both characters, and that took me for a spin. As she began to speak, I felt like I was listening to the ramblings of a crazy person. She was talking to herself, telling these random stories, and it felt like she had split personalities.

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POST: 'City Stories' - short stories with the theme of love

The first story was pretty strange. A story about a girl who wants the letter she wrote to God back. Yeah. You read that right. Apparently, that’s a thing in this story, and people have been writing letters to God for years. If I’m being honest, I kind of like the concept. I mean a way to say what you want to God without having anyone read it. This connection between only you and God. I don’t know. It sounded cool to me.

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POST: 'I and You' - hey, you're not invincible

Coming to terms with mortality isn’t something you can do during a single sitting. Caroline had spent her whole life worrying about it and even then she wasn’t ready. But such a morbid thought still made her realize that there is the possibility of a wonderful life even though things look bleak for her now. Mortality reminds me that at any moment anything can happen.

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POST: 'Gluten!' - they do not believe in touching

Copious and Hibiscus have been trying to conceive a child for a while. 👶 They’ve tried everything except for actual sexual intercourse. It sounds weird, right? How do they expect to have a baby without going through the actual process? 👀 Well in the neighborhood they reside, they do not believe in touching anyone but themselves - there is no hugging,🙅no holding hands,🙅no kissing,🙅 and they always have to be a certain distance away from each other. Copious's mother makes an unexpected visit, and tries to convince her son and his wife that life is better with touch and feelings.

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POST: 'Cuddles' ...the disturbing sisterly dynamic of Eve and Tabby

There's no stage, so I'm on the same level as the set, bordering a filthy child's bedroom strewn with ripped newspaper and books (I recognize one of the Twilight books amongst the collection). When it comes to furniture, there are only two bins (one red and one green), a twin bed, and a pink Fisher Price table and chair. Under the bed lies a young girl, grimy with matted and unwashed hair, clad in an over-sized T-shirt and underwear. 

There is something unnerving about the way she stares out at the audience, even meeting my eyes on more than one occasion, smiling to herself creepily and licking her lips periodically. For ten excruciatingly long minutes the theater is eerily silent as people file in to take their seats, this young girl beneath the bed the entire time.  

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POST: 'Cool Hand Luke' I rooted for him

I rooted for the guy they called Cool Hand Luke. Luke with a tattoo on his right bicep that read "hand grenade," Luke who got terrorized and beaten by his evil dictator-like warden, Luke who proved his badassity by downing fifty hard boiled eggs in an hour without puking, and Luke whose multiple escape attempts from his imprisonment excited and brought hope to his fellow prisoners. 

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