Christine @ 'Innit' - Can life get any shittier?

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Kelly has got a shit life. Welcome. 

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This really has nothing to due with this show necessarily, but I have been utterly addicted to UK reality tv for years now. A secret - well not anymore - guilty pleasure ;) and my newest addiction is LOVE ISLAND:


Yes, it’s trash television and yes I am probably losing brain cells, but you can’t stop me from watching this stuff. Now I did say that this has nothing to do with Innit necessarily, because really the only thing I could make up as relating is the fact that both things involve UK based people. And I will say, had I not been watching Love Island, I would have had way more trouble with decoding the crazy slang that is in this. But, just a little disclaimer, this story isn't as happy as Love Island. Like at all. 

Now, another unexpected thing was the fact that this is a one woman show and holy shit does it get DARK. It is crazy cause from the second I met Kelly, I felt like I knew this chick from somewhere else and it was annoying me so much that I just could not pinpoint from WHERE? Literally screaming in my head for most of the show and the more she cursed and the more fucked up she turned out to be, I got more and more frustrated. Then all of sudden like 20-some minutes in (which was like legit a lil more than halfway through the show, this was hella short) it came to me. Like, I really wish someone recorded my face cause I swear I FELT the realization on my face…


Last semester's French literature class had us read this book called “Kiffe Kiffe Demain”, which basically means 'same old, same old tomorrow' or as I like to think of it 'same sh*t different day'. The main character of Kiffe Kiffe Demain is a looot like Kelly. Fu*ked up life, fu*ked up family, fu*ked up school, and just overall life suckage. Can life get any shittier? YES, yes it can ma’am. And what made it even worse was the fact that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I did basically both at the same time. Tearing up counts as crying, right?

I by no means grew up as poor or as unprivileged as Kelly, but I think pretty much everyone can relate to feeling left out or alienated from something during high school. Whether it was from a certain group of people at school or even not being able to afford certain things like class trips and prom. For Kelly, it was an accumulation of pretty much everything under the sun. Her accent and the lack of money in her life are such a big deal to people that it shadows every judgment that people make of her. The saddest part is I know that it makes it so much harder for her to love herself. It is a shitty feeling for sure. The biggest danger, and I know that it’s likely where her life is headed, is gonna be the way she perceives it is to be loved. She has these dreams of dancing, and I don’t want to be a downer but like chances are they’re a no, she is going to be taken advantage of. No matter how cocky she tries to come across, I can see right through her and deep down she simply is a naive girl looking to be loved. Men will likely be an issue for her and the fact that she has already used sex to get things are telling me cant' expect the best outcome.

If you like depressing sh*t like this you will looove this, go ahead and cry your eyes out:



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