POST: Pitbulls. Why can't this woman see her flaws?

Yvette Ganier and Nathan Hinton in Rattlestick's  Pitbulls.  Photo by Monica Simoes

Yvette Ganier and Nathan Hinton in Rattlestick's Pitbulls. Photo by Monica Simoes

You can't get more open-ended than Pitbulls. I can't say the ending is really an ending because Mary just ended up by herself... with no pitbull.

This story takes place in a city in Louisiana and follows Mary and her son Dipper's lives as they shun modern society. Mary thinks she's perfect because she is able to tell right from wrong. She sells wine and lives a very comfortable life with her son Dipper. They're proud hillbillies.

Now what irked me a lot about this woman was her inability to see her flaws. She is unable to let Dipper live his life. If he can't make decisions on his own, then he can't do anything. This reminded JUST A LITTLE of my mom and how sometimes she won't let me do what I want to do. After breaking the rule consistently, I can stay out late.

Dipper needs to break away because this lady is crazy.She is also full of herself and pretty much that side chick that every girl hates. I am surprised that Mary found nothing wrong with her actions. Just because she lives away from modern society does not mean she's perfect. At the end when Mary said she needed time to reflect, I hope she will realize her flaws and try to fix them. I cannot get over the pretentiousness of this woman.

Aside from Mary, I only feel pity for Dipper. He works so hard to get his mother's attention, but she constantly neglects him. He was also the guy who killed her pitbull. Throughout the show, you can see Mary's anguish over the death of her pitbull. If she found out that Dipper was the killer I don't think he would be alive. It's just sad to me that Mary loved her pitbull more than she loved her son. If that's not a flaw Mary does not recognize, then I don't see her overcoming herself.

If I had to see this show again.... it's too open-ended! Even as I am typing this,  I still feel frustrated. There needs to be a sequel!

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