The Accidental Pervert. Why is everyone obsessed with porn?

Andrew Goffman in  The Accidental Pervert  at 13th Street Repertory Theatre. 

Andrew Goffman in The Accidental Pervert at 13th Street Repertory Theatre. 

I have two groups of friends at school: my religious group and my-not-so-religious group. I talk about many things with these groups, but one topic that I would never ever talk about with either is porn. For one reason, I never watched porn nor do I have the desire to watch it. What is the point of watching exaggerated sex? So when I heard about The Accidental Pervert, I had to see the show. I thought, maybe it will show me why the world of porn is one that is obsessed by almost everyone. When I walked into the theater, I was amazed by the kindness of the ushers. They were really nice and funny. Although I had my doubts about the show because of its subject, these people made me feel way better because they were so down-to-earth.

Now, when the show started... the first thing that happened was that a guy got on stage and he started watching porn and masturbating. He started screaming and got tissues, while screaming the words, “WAIT FOR ME!” and I could see a clear boner under all those tissues. I am open to new experiences, but that was just crazy. I laughed A LOT not because it was funny, but because it was outrageous and so exaggerated. This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the show because the show was probably at the same level of outrageousness.

What was really cool about the show was how the comedian Andrew Goffman interacted with the audience. I was impressed at how fast he was with his comebacks and they were all really funny. However, I was so scared he was going to pick me out of the crowd so every time he looked over to my side of the theater, I would try to hide behind different people. I wasn’t the only one who was trying to hide from this guy. There were two guys, one was in front of me and I would occasionally look at him to see how he was reacting. He would chuckle, but he looked uncomfortable. I mean, can you blame him? The other guy was on the other side and he did laugh, ONE TIME, throughout the show. Even in the part where everyone was laughing like maniacs, he had a Russian smile.

During this show, I saw my first glimpse of porn. It was some porn about a girl motor-boating a guy. Maybe it was a bad porn, all I know is that it was terrible and I will never understand the hype about porn.

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