Tail! Spin! Who doesn't love a scandal?

Photo by Carol Rosegg

Photo by Carol Rosegg

Tail! Spin! is a parody of political scandals. It takes four figures (Mark Foley, Anthony Weiner, Larry Craig, Mark Sanford) and highlights the ridiculousness of their scandals. It took place in a small theater; the audience was on all three sides of the stage. I loved how intimate it was, and the actors definitely used it to their advantage. The ‘politicians’ kept coming up to the front row and shaking the audience's hands.

I watched the actors bounce from one personality to another; how absolutely natural it was and obvious that there was a new character. Well… actually. At times I felt like there was a bit too much going on, but they had a strip of a screen above the curtain that would say names, dates, and quotes to help the audience follow along with the character changes. Sometimes I would forget to look up because of how close the seats were to the stage, those times I felt like I missed out on a few things.

One thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about throughout the show was how much these politicians tried to make their scandals seem like nothing. They would go onto national television, deny it, say that it was all bogus…and then resign a few months later.

My mind did a few flips here. These people, politicians, go to such great lengths to seem like they are perfect people. They always put up images of themselves to make us see them in the best possible light. But no one is perfect right? So even if a certain politician didn’t have a scandal as extreme as the ones in the show; they are still never being completely honest.

Sure, everyone says, ‘never trust a politician,’. However this play showed how even things like being gay made these politicians get extreme hate and lowered their popularity. Cheating on your wife, okay, that's pretty terrible and you deserve to be yelled at. Being gay? That’s a personal preference and no one should be hated for it (although, given here, Craig did have a wife as well as being a closeted gay). I think more than anything this play reminded me why politicians lie so much, its because people are always so ready to rip them apart.

Not to say the play wasn't about making fun of all the sexual scandals and stupidity displayed by the politicians. It totally was.

Photo by Carol Rosegg

Photo by Carol Rosegg

I loved how they highlighted the absolute brainlessness in some of what these politicians did. Weiner accidentally posted pictures he meant to sext someone onto his twitter. Foley was having inappropriate online conversation with an underage boys while being on a committee that fights against pedophilia. Sanford goes to hunt for his soulmate in Argentina. Craig gets arrested trying to make a move in a bathroom stall.

I’m not very well versed in politics. I know next to nothing about it really. So when I came home I googled all these people. The best part of the play turned out to be that the parodies were not far fetched at all.

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Tail! Spin! @ Lynn Redgrave Theater, thru Feb. 1