Going Once! Laughing Twice!! Who's that bidder?

Going Once! Laughing Twice!! at the St. Luke’s Theatre provided me a true interactive experience. The cast first begins to interact with the audience in the lobby before the show and I legitimately thought they were other patrons just looking to make friendly conversation with me. I had the opportunity to speak with Sylvia who had come to the auction as a way to pass the time since the death of her husband left her aged and alone.  After meeting Sylvia I was met by Lord Hansel, a gentleman claiming to be from Dusseldorf. He slowly made his way away from me as I began to speak in the basic conversational German I had picked up from my German roommate and Lord Hansel could no longer engage, there was definitely a moment of humor in that. The highlight of the show was without a doubt when upon entering the usher gave me a random amount of pseudo-money in order to truly get involved in the show and to bid along with the players.  Also, rather than seat me in the seats ordered, one of the lovely players, Theresa, insisted that I sit in the front.  They gave me first class service, bringing seltzer water in a flute to quench my thirst and salted crackers to munch on.  I perused the artwork and the interactive aspect of the show really began to create the illusion that I was at an auction house and I was a rich bidder, well-known within the scene.

Unfortunately, in the end I was outbidded by folks who came in groups and put their cash together, so I didn’t leave with an auctioned prize, but the prize itself was in the experience.  Due to the variety in audience, no two shows can ever be alike, and for me I feel like that is reward enough.

$39.50 tickets thru BroadwayBox

Going Once! Laughing Twice!! @ St. Luke's Theatre