Pippin. Would you rather...

photo by Joan Marcus
photo by Joan Marcus

At the end, PIPPIN is faced with a choice: jump into the flames and live forever in infamy OR climb down to ordinary. So PXP wants to know...

Would you rather...

1) die young and be famous forever

2) live a long life but be unknown

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

In the mean time, to get you thinking...

from MAHI:

Ordinary. Long and Ordinary. When things are extraordinary, they are either momentary or if everything is ALWAYS extraordinary isn't that just ordinary in itself? I’d rather live an ordinary life full of moments that matter to me. Oddly enough un-extraordinary moments in the most ordinary lives make those few extraordinary moments that much more special. To be able to work hard for something and then achieve your goal? Extraordinarily ordinary, but amazing nonetheless. To be able to catch the bus right on time? Ordinary but oh so satisfying. To be able to one day fall in love with someone and start a family? Beautifully ordinary. I don’t need to live some crazy, event-congested life to be able to be happy.

from Fariha:

Living a short, but extraordinary life is far more fulfilling than living a long, but average life. No one remembers that average Joe who worked for the rest of his life in an office. People will remember the person who did extraordinary things and died in an extraordinary way. Why lead a long life with the same mundane site, when you can live a life full of different experiences and die at the peak of performance?

from Joel:

Would you rather be remembered forever and die young (Marylin Monroe) or live a nice life and be forgotten (ummm… I can`t remember who that is). I personally would rather die young and be remembered forever (I am not being forced to say this). This may be extreme but think about it. What good is it to live for a hundred plus years and die without a legacy? In the grand scheme of things you are here for all that time and no one will remember you. It just begs you to ask why you were put on this earth for so long anyway. If you knew this before your death wouldn't you try to change it or be really bummed out because it is going to happen anyway. On the other hand, if you died let's say in your 20s or 30s and left behind a legend or story to your name, wouldn't that be something. Your long lost relatives and strangers will be proud to mention your name and learn more about you. This leads me to believe that growing old is for the gaps in history. Do you want to be gap in history or a breaking point?