FringeNYC 2014: Seven Seductions of Taylor Swift

Okay, first thing's first. Stop what you're doing right now and watch Taylor Swift's new music video, Shake It Off.

You're welcome ;)

Moving on...

We all know about Taylor Swift's checkered past with men. How could we not, with her tendency to serial date A-list celebs and then release a hit song about each relationship before we even know it's over? Let's revisit these songs, shall we?

For John Mayer, there's Dear John.

For Taylor Lautner, there's Back to December.

For Harry Stlyes, there's I Knew You Were Trouble.

For Jake Gyllenhaal, there's All Too Well.

For Joe Jonas, there's Better Than Revenge.

For Cory Monteith, there's Mine.

And for Conor Kennedy, there's Begin Again. 

Now that you've fallen a little bit more in love with Tay Tay (It's possible), you can celebrate her loveliness at Seven Seductions of Taylor Swift playing at The Players Theatre, a one-man show written by seven female playwrights! Featuring: Ten second costume changes, hilarious video montages, and some truly horrendous wigs. This show took the celebrity gossip that I am so familiar with, and flipped it in an innovative and daring manner.

$18 Tickets

VENUE #17: The Players Theatre

FRI 8/8 @ 5 
FRI 8/15 @ 7 
TUE 8/19 @ 7 
THU 8/21 @ 2:30 
SAT 8/23 @ 12:30